Free: The Successful Entrepreneur Playbook: How to Build a Successful Business

The Successful Entrepreneur Playbook: How to Build a Successful Business

Think you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur?

Many people want to turn their passion into a successful business. If you want a roadmap of how to build a successful business or grow an existing one, this is the book for you.

Paul Woodruff compiles his lifetime of business experience into this all-in-one book for those who want to start or grow their own business. The Successful Entrepreneur’s Playbook outlines the key ingredients that would-be entrepreneurs should consider in assessing their likelihood of success and then provides the key components in building a successful business—from the basic legal and organizational choices in starting a business to tips on how to staff and create a winning team, market, sell, and deliver products or services that create satisfied customers, repeat business, and make a profit.

In the pages of this book, you will discover:

  • The critical roles that culture, vision, passion, and leadership play in building a successful business
  • The necessity of a practical strategic plan
  • The importance of crafting a well-developed business plan
  • Why ethics and giving back matter
  • How to finance and build realistic budgets for your business
  • Methods to find and keep quality employees
  • Marketing and sales techniques to start, evolve, and transition your business
  • The key business risks to recognize early and how to mitigate some of them
  • Ways to create, foster, and manage growth in your business—and in yourself
  • Possibilities for startups to participate in the international market
  • Alternatives in exiting your successful business

This book will help you achieve your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Learn from this practical and personal experience detailed in The Successful Entrepreneur’s Playbook (A Practical Guide to Building a Successful Business). Free on Kindle.
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