Arbitrary and Capricious

Arbitrary and Capricious

Retired attorney, Sanders Pierce would rather spend his time painting in his art gallery, but when a former colleague, now general counsel of a major information technology asks him to investigate an improper disclosure of client information, he cannot resist. He insists he will abide by the standard of law, which could expose the firm to criminal liability.

He gets assigned to a small office located in the bowels of the corporation and he begins interviewing various employees and studies flow charts. No one reveals much, but then he receives a cryptic email from a mysterious source with a grim warning: “Nothing is what it seems”. As Sanders digs deeper, he meets others he did not expect such as an exotic dancer, a psychotherapist, and someone who tries to assassinate him. What started as an innocent investigation has suddenly become dangerous. Can Sanders escape without getting himself killed. $2.99 on Kindle.
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