Secret Baby Next Door

Secret Baby Next Door

Love thy neighbor?
Oh, I fully intend to.

We shared a wild night I never forgot.
Now she’s my new neighbor.
Years ago I sat next to a feisty beauty on a flight.
The flight was bumpy…
But that was NOTHING compared to our night together.
No regrets. Except one: I didn’t get her contact.

As a surgeon I crush all obstacles.
But today Piper ran out of her home wearing nothing but a towel.
And the head doing the thinking isn’t the logical one.
I’m falling for a woman I barely even know – all over again.
Her smile, her lips, the way her luscious curves take me back in time.
I’m hard the minute I see Piper dripping wet outside my home.

But Piper’s hiding something BIG.
The sweet little girl with my eyes.
There’s no denying it – she’s my child.
So I’m ready to step up to the plate.
And be the father she deserves.
I’ll prove to Piper I care about more than just her beautiful body.
But the fact my bedroom window aligns with hers only makes things HARDER.
From behind half-drawn curtains, we’re playing a dangerously delicious game.
I watch her. And I know she watches me.
Imagining it’s her hand on my… stethoscope.

Seriously. I need to get myself together.
Because doing what I have in mind to my baby mama…
It’s downright un-neighborly. $0.99 on Kindle.
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