Sins of the Flesh

Sins of the Flesh
“Sins of the Flesh” is a steamy, erotic dark romance with unexpected twists and turns to the plot that will surely keep you guessing what will happen next. The story takes place in Small- town, Saintsville, Mississippi, when Maxine gives up her dreams of becoming a doctor to marry Jeremy after a two-year courtship. They acquire it all, money, well-known reputations, and respect when Jeremy’s father suddenly passes, and he becomes the town’s pastor. As Maxine and Jeremy drift apart, Maxine meets a handsome, stunning, gray-eyed stranger named Shaun Bryson as she struggles to avoid his seductive, bad boy charms. Soon, the couple find themselves descending into an abyss of secrets where they will have to fight to survive or be prepared to meet their “Maker”. $0.99 on Kindle.
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