Black Switch

Black Switch

Sebastian Sinclair is on his way to becoming one of the greatest spiritual healers of our time. He came down to earth with certain abilities. These gifts he gave himself are an evolution of what normal humans have never seen before in this lifetime. Seeing ghosts and angels are just the preliminary steps of what he will eventually receive in the future.

But he must be careful about the many pitfalls that will arise while trying to fulfill his destiny. Never did he think that Sophia Freemont, the love of his life, would ever become entangled in the extraordinary obstacles that lie ahead of him. Unfortunately, he will have to learn that nothing great ever comes without a price.

In his ambition to succeed, he very well may have taken on more than he can handle. If that happens, it could put him on an altered life course. A path more grim then he could possibly imagine.

Sebastian is now on the planet Earth living out his existence. He has been alive now for 27 years and is just about to go through his first real painful life lesson as an adult. It is the stepping stone for his enormous transformation to becoming what he was meant to be. $4.50 on Kindle.
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