Never Enough: Nothing breaks like a heart

Never Enough: Nothing breaks like a heart
The introverted Lucy Whitebridge speaks loudly about her unwillingness to marry, so it is no wonder that she was not interested in meeting her older sister’s fiancé Henry.
Everything changes on her sister Lauren’s wedding day when she meets Henry.
Despite their wedding, Henry and Lucy’s feelings grow stronger, and they have a lot of trouble faking their indifference.
Lucy wants to stay faithful to her sister at all costs, but affection for Henry prevents her from behaving normally.
Never Enough is a story about nineteenth-century love that never had a right to happen. This is a story of true love at the wrong time that leaves nothing but pain behind.
Will Lucy agree to an engagement to Mr. Miron, whom she has never seen before but his status will allow her to live a comfortable life?
Will Henry stay true to Lauren?
Will they both stay heartbroken or will they break the hearts of others? $6.99 on Kindle.
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