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Coding Interview Insights
If you’re a computer programmer or coder who constantly messes up at interviews and has trouble landing the job of your dreams, then read on: This book could change your life—and move your career into top gear!

Interviews are never easy. And if you’re applying for a coding job, the interview process is harder than most.

Not only do you have to answer all those tricky questions about yourself and why you want the role, but you could be asked to come up with complex algorithms on the spot or write faultless code on a whiteboard.

You keep failing and find yourself in a never-ending cycle of interviews and rejections.

But it won’t be that way for long. When you follow the guidance and expert tips contained in this book, you’ll be able to crack your next coding interview and land yourself a job in one of the top tech companies!

The key to performing well in a coding interview is preparation.

So, don’t try to wing it.

Instead, it’s important to prepare thoroughly, so you can answer the questions you’re asked better than everyone else.

Inside Coding Interview Insights, you’ll discover:

How to prepare for a coding interview
How to create a résumé that stands out to tech recruiters
How to answer technical and non-technical questions
How to interact with your interviewer
How to get a job at a tech giant
How to negotiate when you receive an offer
How to avoid making common mistakes
And much, much more!

Whether you’re searching for your first tech job or are an experienced programmer who’s trying to move up the ladder, this book will set you up for interview success.

So, don’t put your career on hold. Buy this book today—and get ready to ace your next coding interview! Free on Kindle.
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