Free: Camp Chaos

Camp Chaos

Meet Katheryn Hanko. Working for the FBI and stationed in the Albuquerque Field Office, she receives orders to return to Quantico, Virginia—home of the FBI Academy. But is that really where she’s going? Ushered aboard a Department of Justice Gulfstream 550, she meets a man whom she soon determines is not there to introduce her to a new assignment in the FBI. Accepting the call, she then finds herself undergoing a rigorous intake evaluation, and is given her code name, “Hank”, when she insists that they just use her surname minus the O so she can “just be one of the guys”. The only woman in the team, she hides herself behind a string of epithets suitable for fishermen, driven by her anxiety to fit in. Will she ever lose that mouth of hers? And how does she end up being Spud’s wife?

She soon joins the team in her first mission: tracking down an extremist group calling itself Camp Chaos. Free on Kindle.

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