Free: The Unwanted Dead: The Shocking End of Zorba’s Heretical Author

The Unwanted Dead: The Shocking End of Zorba's Heretical Author
Along with her husband’s legacy, Helen Kazantzakis, inherits his arch enemies: The Greek State and the Church. The days after his passing, she will face insults and disrespect. Her only consolation is the loving and adventurous memories with him: Her initial dislike of Kazantzakis, his unconventional flirting, his scandalous proposal to live together in Moscow out of wedlock,the Pope Pius XII’s decision to censor his book, the Greek government’s attempts to prevent him from winning a Nobel Prize, the efforts of the Greek Church to excommunicate him. Meanwhile, in Athens, the ambitious reporter Freddie Germanos is assigned his first significant reportage: to cover the funeral and expose the authorities’ machinations to disparage the dead thinker.
Unfortunately, he will have plenty to report. Free on Kindle.
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