Free: Training the Cowboy Billionaire

Training the Cowboy Billionaire

She’ll do anything to keep her ranch…even marry the cowboy she likes just so she can enter her horse in a race. Beth Dixon lost her husband almost three years ago. She’s up to her eyeballs in debt, and her to-do list around the ranch only gets longer with each passing day. Trey Chappell has found TJ Dixon in his hay barn several times, and each time, he patiently takes the five-year-old back to his mother, Beth. He likes the pretty brunette next door, but she argues with him every time he offers to help her. They’ve been suffering from one step forward and then two back for a couple of months now, but when Beth learns about the Sweetheart Classic, she’s sure she’s got just the horse that could win the race. The winner gets half a million dollars – but there’s a catch. Only married couples who own the racehorse together can enter the Sweetheart Classic. She can solve this problem, just like she’s tackled one obstacle after another since her husband died.

Beth calls Trey and asks him to come help her with the horses, but when he arrives, she proposes the idea of a fake marriage so they can enter her horse in the Classic. And Trey…actually considers it. His feelings for Beth are real, but if a fake marriage can get him one step closer to a real relationship with Beth, he’d be crazy to say no, right? Can Beth and Trey survive a fake relationship stuffed full of real feelings? Or will hearts break in this inspirational contemporary western romance? Free¬†on Kindle.

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