Free: 12-Inch Womanizer (Thrilling Exotic Romance Novel)

Free: 12-Inch Womanizer (Thrilling Exotic Romance Novel)
Men, have you ever been with a lady that you thought was the ‘ONE’ then out of the blue, came a sexy playboy who uproots her from her settled soil, even though you’ve spent so much time and effort cultivating her delicate seed; watering her embryo until she germinates into a synergistic blossom?

If you haven’t, then take my advice to secure your precious garden from being infested by this cherry lips womanizer. His 12-inch fertilizer replete with delicious nutrients would have your loving flower swaying back and forth elatedly to be showered by its embrace. It doesn’t matter the colour of your flower; the language that it speaks, nor where it was groomed. This libidinous fertilizer would intrude in your garden to feed your plant’s roots with its salacious minerals until their xylems began overflowing with sensual satisfaction.

Yes, many feminine flowers could not resist after laying eyes on this famed womanizer’s well-endowed package; even some male plants desired to be entangled by his 12-inch serpent. No matter how fortified your garden is, this monster would find a way to penetrate it deeply. To better safeguard your garden or to just broaden your horizon then read this book for a more detailed experience. I promise you, it will be a most thrilling adventure. Free on Kindle.

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