In this Fantasy Adventure all that stands between Phillip and being king are demons, goblins and a centuries old mystery. A commoner can be king, but only if he survives. The quest begins for Phillip, a young farm boy who has never left his small hometown of Cheesier. Phillip finds himself plunged into a dangerous competition, a competition which will test him both physically and mentally. A competition from which all the contestants will not return. Phillip will be forced to come of age a bit faster than he had expected if he is to have any hope of survival. For his first task he must find a way to ascend to the summit of Mount Torkan and retrieve the Crystal Chalice. The summit is shrouded in mystery, legend, and is fiercely protected by goblins, dragons and the forest of memories. He will be accompanied on his epic adventure by a young squire, Jared, who although knows a great deal of the kingdom, is struggling with his own, very potent, inner demands. They will encounter witches, raiders from the east and must face the horrors of the Devil’s Swamp. Phillip is ill prepared for this quest, but if he survives, he will discover his true destiny. Buy your copy of book one in this epic fantasy novel series today. Available in both Kindle and Paperback formats. A grand adventure awaits you… $3.95 to $4.99 on Kindle

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