After Forty Series

After Forty

My name is Rachel Lyons, and I’m a romance addict. I read at least three romance novels a week. As I have matured over the years, I’ve noticed, few romance books feature women and men in their late thirties and forties. I do not understand why; it’s truly an exciting, fantastic time in life. Your forties are sexy! You are more competent and more confident.

At forty, a woman knows herself. We’ve seen some shit in life and hopefully learned a few hard-earned lessons along the way. We are sexually comfortable; we know what we want and like in the bedroom, no matter if we’ve had one partner or a dozen.

And ladies, men in their forties are hot! Seriously, it’s their hottest decade:)

I want to introduce men and women to you in their forties in the twenty-first century. Some are just now looking for love and thinking about starting families and settling down. Some have raised their children and are now ready to focus on a career, and others are making significant changes, shaking things up for this new phase of life. But all of us are still searching and reaching for a happy ever after. $0.99 each on Kindle.


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