See Beneath Your Beautiful

See Beneath Your Beautiful
To twenty-eight-year-old Libby Thompson, work, her mum and best friend are the definition of a perfect life. She’s spent years learning to overcome her painful past and has no intention of allowing any man to disrupt the peaceful world she’s built. Even if that man is as sexy and ruggedly handsome as Noah Rodrigo, who just knows how to sweet-talk her into forgetting she’s sworn off men for life.

When Noah meets Libby at her best friend’s party, there’s no mistaking the undeniable attraction between them, but the blue-eyed beauty isn’t interested in dating. Too bad the feeling she’s “the one” won’t go away. Used to taking risks and trusting his gut, the property developer concocts a plan to seduce her. But the business of love is beyond anyone’s control. Will Libby find the courage to commit her heart to him? $0.99 on Kindle.

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