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The Observance
From Samuel Crowe, author of The Claim, The Darkest Ice, Last Light, and Wakinyan, a psychological Cold War thriller.

Nevada, 1961:

Ace pilot, Jack Arnold, is recruited by the CIA Directorate of Science and Technology to test fly the A-13, the Black Angel, the most advanced stealth jet ever built. Alone, on an isolated base, his very sanity will be tested.

Air Force widow Audrey Shepherd, a high-stakes Vegas blonde, doesn’t want Jack to fly. Theirs is a hot, unhinged love mired by the memory of her dead husband and her many untold secrets. The choices she makes will change everything.

Agent Evan Highland is tasked with protecting Jack from enemies, both foreign and domestic. When the Black Angel takes on a deadly new significance, threatening the safety of all, Highland is forced to take lethal, irreversible action.

Three lives, one fate. All will be decided in. THE OBSERVANCE. Free on Kindle.

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