How To Recover From Pet Loss

How To Recover From Pet Loss
Professional Pet Bereavement Counsellor and founder of The Scottish Pet Bereavement Counselling Service, Wendy Andrew, gives her expert perspective on pet loss.

How To Recover From Pet Loss is a walk through the emotions you may experience and how best to cope with them on your journey to the stage of ‘Acceptance’.

This book is for you if:
• You are grieving the loss of a companion animal
• Your companion animal is nearing end of life
• You have had to rehome your pet
• You have experienced pet loss due to a relationship breakdown
• You want to know how to support a child
• You want to support a grieving pet parent
• You want to learn healthy coping strategies to aid recovery

Wendy also shares her personal experiences of grief, which gives this book a genuine and authentic feel. She gives helpful advice selfcare, which also makes this book a thoughtful gift idea! Wendy’s informal style of writing and openhearted approach make her very relatable and this book an easy read in a time of suffering either before or after the death of a companion animal.
You really do feel like she is on this emotional journey with you and holding your hand the whole way. $1.28 on Kindle.

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