Journey to Children of Bwola Dances


The fiction thriller and suspense novel takes from recent history about a fanatical religious rebel group, called the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), fighting against the Ugandan Government with a reputation of using abducted children as a highly effective but brutal army. The novel challenges how the Developed Western world would treat their children if they were caught up in a war in a foreign country where the child was forced to take up arms to fight to survive in what they, in the West, may then regard as a “just battle for the child’s own life”. So you have two teenagers from two very different cultures experience who meet in wonderful circumstances and become bonded in friendship and childhood experiences. However, an unexpected attack by the LRA now forces each child to respondent based on their upbringing, but what if they were forced to take sides that were unexpected, and what would be the outcomes and how would their parents and governments respond? $9.99 on Kindle.

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