Bee Conspiracy

Bee Conspiracy
Impulsive Detective “Duke” Wayne is stuck on admin leave from the LAPD, pushing papers across a desk. He desperately wants to rejoin Robbery-Homicide. When the Captain asks him to do a Field Investigation Report on an accidental death from bee stings, he thinks open and shut, this is my ticket back to the squad.

But he is teamed with Kelso Bagley, a methodical Special Agent with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who specializes in the study of insects. Kelso is sure this bee-sting incident is pre-meditated murder. He drags Duke out of his comfort zone on a wild ride through the world of beekeeping, sadistic insect fetishists and robotized farming to prove it. Their investigation uncovers a larger conspiracy at play and endangers the lives of loved ones, not to mention Duke’s career. Can Duke navigate this underground world of weaponized insects and come out alive? $4.99 on Kindle.
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