Free: The Finder’s Game

The Finder's Game
When an attempted kidnapping victim refuses to press charges, a little digging reveals that she had been kidnapped once before as a child. In his wildest dreams, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Scott Page never thought that he’d come across a modern case involving The Finders Cult. Somewhere entangled in conspiracy theories, rabbit holes and alleged cover-ups lies the murky truth, and the mysterious Ninon Gage isn’t talking. Is she a hypnotic courier, a sleeper agent, or a woman with false memory syndrome? He’d be inclined to believe the latter, but the CIA and Military Intelligence appear to have a vested interest in her case. The closer he gets to answers, the more dangerous The Finder’s game becomes. No one seems to know or care what the rules are, and no one seems to remember much about the truth. And there might be a reason for that. Free on Kindle.
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