Will the American and Iranian Air Force TOP GUNS meet in aerial combat?

An orphaned teenager stands before three graves and in despair and desperation enters the United States Air Force as a driver. Inspired by the pilots he ferries to their planes; Harry rises in the Air Force to become a TOP GUN fighter pilot.

While flying his F-15 Eagle a Combat Air Patrol show of force mission over the border of Iran and Iraq, Harry’s wing man is shot down by Iranian Captain Zandi (also known as Mar) using a Top Secret experimental missile.

In the ensuing air battle, Harry displays amazing airmanship but loses consciousness, endures a life-threatening situation, and undergoes a near-death experience. After the mission, the Air Force grounds Harry. In the meantime, his enemy, Mar, attains even greater aerial victories helping Pakistani pilot fly combat against Indian Air Force fighter pilots. While he waits for the results of his medical evaluations, the Air Force assigns Harry to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations to help with administration. He soon discovers he has a natural investigative ability, but this does not keep him from falling into a pit of despair.

Faced with a fate of losing his flying career, Harry falls victim to the emotional lows, self-doubt, and anger. He relieves his frustrations and feelings of abandonment and loneliness with alcohol and an assortment of women. Questions abound. Can Harry overcome his despair? Will his love for Katie, a computer geek he meets on a case, help him overcome his despair? But three burning questions override all. Will he ever fly again? Will he ever meet Mar in aerial combat to avenge the loss of his wing man? And, if he does, will he finally find REDEMPTION? $0.99 on Kindle.

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