How to Get a Free Book Promotion with Crave Books

As an authors you know that writing and publishing their book is only half the battle.  To get your books in front of a relevant audience, you have to spend time and money promoting and marketing your book. And like many authors you are probably looking for a truly free book promotion that can deliver results. Those are few and far between, but we have found one on Crave Books. It’s not advertised but we have the details below.

Crave Books allows you to book multiple paid book promotion across a number of quality book promotion sites. For a limited time they are giving away one book promotion to authors new to their platform.

Here’s how to get your 100% free book promotion:

1) Visit Crave Books 
2) Create a free author account
3) Add the book your would like to promote by clicking “Add a new book”
4) After adding the book, click “Promote now”
5) Select the “Crave Books” promotion by clicking on the button that looks like screenshot below
6) Use the coupon code CBWELCOME at checkout
Crave Books Free Book PromotionWhat is Crave Books?

At its core, Crave Books is a book marketing and promotion service for authors, as well as a website for readers to connect with their favorite writers. Founded by Vijay Jain and Cary Bergeron, the website offers  marketing tools and services for authors, no matter whether they’ve published one book or dozens.

Benefits of Using Crave Books

Authors who sign up for this platform get instant access to a multi-platform marketing and promotional tool. Instead of spending hours filling out forms for many different book promotion sites, authors can run all of their promotions simultaneously from a single place. Crave Books makes this as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Crave Books also streamlines the book promotion process by giving you access to:

      • A personalized dashboard to view all of your books and easily track and launch promotions on all of Crave Books’ partner sites.
      • The world’s first integrated promotion calendar, appropriately nicknamed the “Promotion Slingshot.” Now you can track all of your book promotions from a single dashboard.
      • Access to the best sites that are guaranteed to promote your books. No more rejection emails, marketing sites that force you to wait for months before promoting your book, or other hurdles that authors often face. Crave Books only works with sites that promise to market your content without forcing you to jump through hoops.
      • You can easily follow and interact with readers who love your work, as well as connect with new potential fans!
      • The trackable Read and Review Program. This highly beneficial tool encourages readers who loved your book to write reviews on Amazon. No more begging for reviews or struggling to boost your Amazon rankings!

If you’re ready to get started with Crave Books, sign up for a free account today to start seeing real results. You’ll soon realize why this site is the fastest-growing marketing and promotion site for authors on the web!


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