Top 10 Book Marketing Blogs

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the changing book marketing strategies and techniques.  Many authors have had to learn book marketing and promotion one mistake or trail attempt at a time. From optimizing your Amazon keywords to building your social media accounts, it’s a lot to learn.  To help you shortcut the process and figure out exactly what you need to do and how to do it, we found the 10 best book marketing blogs that offer quality advice and expert tips for fiction and nonfiction authors.

The Creative Penn
creative penn blog

The Creative Penn was created by New York Times bestselling author, Joanna Penn, who has written a total of 28 books. Her book marketing blog gives authors plenty of resources to utilize, including podcasts, articles, YouTube videos, books, and online courses.

BookBaby Blog
BookBaby Blog

BookBaby offers free guides, tools, and articles on topics such as editing, setting good writing habits, publishing eBooks, online marketing, and much more. This site is constantly updated by a team of professional writers, so authors can feel confident that they will receive helpful advice.

Author Marketing Experts
author marketing blog

This blog is run by Penny Sansevieri, who is a bestselling author and is known internationally for her expertise on book marketing. Her first-hand experience and knowledge could give any author valuable tips for promoting their novels.

BookBub Partners
bookbud markerting blog

BookBub Partners is the blog and information side of the world’s largest online book promotion company. The bookbub blog has helped thousands of authors gain followers, improve their marketing strategies, and connect with their readers. This blog covers an array of topics pertinent to fiction and nonfiction writers, from running book promotions to finding publishing resources.

Reedsy Blog
reedsy book maketing blog

Reedsy makes it quick and easy for aspiring authors and veteran writers alike to improve every area of their craft. Along with book marketing tips and advice from authors, Reedsy also features a page where authors can connect with editors, designers, marketers, and other professionals.

Jane Friedman
Jane Friedman Book Marketing Blog

Jane Friedman has worked in publishing for over two decades and her highly useful industry insights has made her blog one of the most recognized sites for authors. It has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, PBS, CBS, the National Press Club and several other major news outlets.

Alliance of Independent Authors
Independent authors blog

The ALLi blog is full of tips and tricks for every step of book publishing, including design, production, promotion, licensing rights, and much more. It also provides writing advice for aspiring authors, as well as the latest updates on the online book marketplace.

BookWorks Blog
bookworks blog

BookWorks makes it easy for authors to find answers to a variety of industry problems, from book design to legal guidance. With a well-informed staff and guest posts from featured authors, the articles posted on this blog can help and inspire writers at every stage of crafting their book.

Elizabeth Spann Craig
book marketing blog for mystery writers

Craig, a best-selling cozy mystery author, runs this blog that features tips on publishing, writing, promoting, and more. She also posts several resources to inspire creativity, reach goals, and find new books to enjoy.

Book Promotion Blog

JustKindleBooks is a popular book promotion site with a large email and social media following. The site also has an entire section dedicated to articles on how to promote and market you book. Some of their most useful articles include:

Influencer Marketing for Authors
Six Benefits of Setting Your Book Price to Free
How to Use Kindle Instant Preview to Boost Your Book Sales
How to Get More Book Reviews on Amazon, and
Using Back Matter to Drive Book Sales and Reviews.

You can find all of their book promotion and marketing articlese here. The articles are concise and loaded with solid advice to help your book get the exposure and sales it deserves.

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