Freeze Frame

What KIM thought would make a stunning wedding video affirms a cold-blooded, unseen murder. It’s not until he studies the footage on his editing console that within the murk of revelers dancing at the party is the flash of a bowie knife.

Rewind to how it all begins.
Before The Wall Street Crash of 2008, Kims parents had been living the high life, complacent in their earnings as investors in the Stock Market. Its aftermath leaves ELLA and JOE in a state of panic and depression.

Kim is twenty, lives with them in Brooklyn, and has a heart-bending crush on tall, willowy Nova, who lives across the street. She’s seventeen. Her new boyfriend is ZANE, twenty-four. Zane owes money to a dangerous loan shark, MALANGA,(27) Novas dad, MIKE, (40s) despises Zane. A widow, he shares his home with Nova, enforcing strict rules on her. This doesn’t stop his only daughter from sneaking off with Zane when he’s at work.

The wedding runs smoothly. But at the reception, the nightmare soon begins. Zane brazenly shows up, not realizing that Malanga has trailed him. To complicate matters, Mike is aware of Zanes presence. Two people who want Zane dead. One killing.

Kims footage reveals the real perp. $1.99 on Kindle.
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