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Between the Causeways
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Southern storytelling that shows us an old world through new eyes – Daniel Wallace, Author, “Big Fish”

“Keeps readers hanging on every word…” – Independent Book Review

Fast-paced, heartwarming and inspired by a real Labrador Retriever, Between the Mountains is a suspenseful tale about a group of people connected through a stray dog. Roscoe was a nomad, roaming alone across a small town until he met J.D., the leader of a community center whose never-ending loyalty rivals that of the old lab. When a figure from the past targets the dog, shock and outrage ripple through the mountain town. J.D. and his friends band together as the threat becomes clear: protect the dog, protect the entire community.

Arley, a college student struggling to reveal her true self after returning home, witnesses a disturbing incident that leads her to Emma, an entrepreneur with a knack for speaking her mind. As whirlwind events unfold around them, the two new friends must choose to confront their own personal histories or jeopardize their future relationships, their livelihood and love.

Between the Mountains is an emotionally charged page turner that examines the importance of community, the limits of forgiveness and the power of hope. Free on Kindle.
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