Free: A Trip to Paris

A Trip to Paris

Madison Machin, Madi Mac, has had quite the year. She lost her job under Pinup Dream Girl Modeling Agency. Her now ex-boyfriend cheated on and dumped her, forcing Madison to move back in with her parents. And now, her dream of being a supermodel seems even more distant since every agency turns her down. All the obstacles in Madison’s life begin to take their toll on her go-getter attitude and optimism. At this point, Madison doesn’t even know why she tries anymore.

Veronica Vallier, CEO of Trade Girl Modeling Agency, is changing the look of the women she represents. After being quarantined for months due to COVID-19, Veronica decides to make her company what she always envisioned. This means out with the traditional super tall and ultra-thin models they previously represented. And in with women of different varieties.

When Madison walks through Trade Girl’s open call, Veronica is instantly enthralled with her pinup look and beautiful array of body art. Veronica sees something in Madison that makes her want to take the woman under her wing and blossom her modeling career. Of course, Madison is excited to become the new “it girl” at Trade Girl. But what she is even more excited about is working with the legendary CEO, Veronica.

While working together, Madison and Veronica form a quick bond. Both find that they have a lot in common and share the same vision to diversify the fashion industry. A working relationship is what both women set out to have. Yet, they can’t seem to shake this underlying chemistry between them.

Both try to ignore the chemistry in fear of breaking company regulations that prohibit higher-ups from having relationships with models. A rule Veronica put into place herself.

Will they be able to ignore the pull of their hearts to keep their reputations intact? Or will temptation prove too much to bear? And if so, can their relationship survive being hidden from the world? Free on Kindle.

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